Why is Individual HRA a Better Way for Employers to offer Health Coverage?

The Employer gets out of the Health Insurance Selection and Renewal business! Each employee decides their own benefit level and carrier.
Group Health Insurance has gotten too expensive and the employers have been forced to go with Higher Deductibles to offer lower rates.
Individual Health Insurance is portable and goes with the employee when they leave the company only the employers contribution ends.
Much better benefit options for the 85% of employees who do not have a major ongoing medical problem! Lower Cost and Better Benefits = Value
Employees who are in the 15% with an ongoing serious medical issue get to select their own plan and their own carrier.

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A substantial share of the population spends $200 or less out-of-pocket on health care services.

Individual HRA Services

Will provide all Individual HRA documents to make the plan Individual HRA compliant. (Plan Doc, Employer Announcement, and Employee Coverage Confirmation Affidavit) Tax Exempt to Employer and Employees.
Will handle individual employee enrollment one on one in Join.me sessions.
Will assist employee with submitting claims to Manhattan Life for reimbursement for a fee.
Will send employees text messages periodically on the best way to maximize their benefits from the health program.
To learn more about how to start an Individual HRA, call Rober Dooley at 410-693-4703 or email at rdooley@powerselect.net.